Dreaming of Palm Springs CA

posted on: January 16, 2014




source: Saguaroblog.tumblir, Logan Swney Photography


With all this rain I’m a bit nostalgic for the lovely Palm Springs. Last August Logan and I visited this awesome, balmy place in the middle of the desert, located 2 hours from LA. With it’s mid-century architecture, palm trees and picturesque mountain scenery it’s like walking into a film set. We stayed at the flamboyant The Sanguaro hotel. This multi coloured hotel contrasts against the desert sands of Palm Springs. The hotel is hip (neon pink towels and architecture books in each room) and the pool is absolute bliss in the desert heat.


Eating The Alkaline Way

posted on: January 9, 2014


Source: Honestly Healthy


So since it is the New Year, I’ve decided to kick off my year by eating healthy. I’ve always dabbled in vegan and vegetarian diets but struggled to find interesting recipes. Therefore I was very pleased to receive the Honestly Healthy cook book for Christmas. There are pages and pages of delicious vegetarian and alkaline recipes. Eating in an alkaline way is less inflammatory for the body and improves digestion, skin tone and overall health. Just what I need after the indulgent Christmas holidays!


Beautiful Office Spaces

posted on: January 7, 2014

Source: myscandinavianhome.blogspot.co.uk, annabella, newzealanddesignblog.com, designsponge.com, slowfashionhouse.com, feedly.com


Hello Tuesday! As it is the new year, I think it is time for a fresh new start and new office space. Nothing is more inspiring and motivating than working in a place that inspires you. How cool are these spaces? 

Feeling Inspired. Happy New Year!

posted on: January 1, 2014


Sources: society6.com, standingelements.tumblr.com, standingelements.tumblr.com, knowledgeoverflow.com

Statement Art

posted on: November 17, 2013




Source: thedesignfiles.net, habituallychic.blogspot.co.uk, http://myscandinavianhome.blogspot.co.nz/

Big pieces of art seem to be making a comeback. They are purposely loud and the focal point of the room. I like how a single piece of art can transform and highlight a space. I especially love the impact of an oversized photograph.




Viva Mexico

posted on: November 13, 2013

mexicosmallHola! Last weekend a friend of mine took me took me to her new find, a Mexican restaurant in Newtown. Viva Mexico is partially made up of 2 house buses, with a courtyard between them. It is seriously laidback with a red and yellow colour scheme and cool art works adorning the walls. We sat in the house bus, as the courtyard was jam packed. A band played in the courtyard which added to the great buzz of the place. The food was authentic, fresh and tasty. I will definitely be coming back here!




posted on: November 11, 2013

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New Obsession!

posted on: November 7, 2013



source: http://summerraspberries.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/the-whole-pantry-app/

I have just downloaded this amazing app called ‘The Whole Pantry.’ This app has delicious and healthy whole foods recipes. Each recipe is photographed and styled beautifully, like a magazine layout. It also covers a wide range of topics from coping with stress to boosting fertility. The app was started by Belle Gibson, who changed her approach to eating when she was diagnosed with cancer. She now has a little boy Oli and they are both gluten, grain and dairy- free vegetarians. Her recipes show you how to make your own healthy versions of your favourite treats. I also follow her Instagram account, which features lots of beautiful photos of healthy food.



I’m LOVING………black and white interiors

posted on: October 24, 2013







Sources: theyallhateus.com, 31.media.tumblr.com, skonahem.com and designsponge.com


posted on: October 24, 2013


Source: dirtylittlestylewhoree.tumblr.com

I am really interested in what helps our skin to look it’s best. Fundamentally I have come to the conclusion that food and lifestyle play a huge part in how our skin looks and feels. Last year I was diagnosed with the skin condition rosacea. In a nutshell rosacea is when the skin flushes red and turns blotchy. Not ideal when you’re trying to look your best. There was no warning of when it would attack and it was a huge blow to my self-esteem.

The condition virtually knocked me off my feet and I had no clue how to treat it. The doctor put me on a 6 month course of antibiotics which just made matters worse. I also felt that this was just a short term cure and not a solution. So I set about researching what I could do to cure it myself. Lots of people on forums suggested to reduce dairy intake, as dairy causes lots of inflammation. People also suggested to abstain from alcohol (a bit of a hard suggestion!) Therefore I swapped my blue capped milk for almond milk and I tried to stay away from the daily glass of wine and cheese plate at 5 o’clock. What an amazing result. My skin stopped flushing, no longer a reddish hue. My skin didn’t feel like you could fry an egg on it (as it had done before). I couldn’t believe what a difference it was, in just a few weeks.

What do you find helps your skin?